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A dramatization of the battle that was widely heralded as a turning point of the Pacific Theatre of World War II.

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original title: Midway

genge: Action,Drama,History,War


imdb: 7.5

duration: 2h 12min



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The 1942 battles of the Coral Sea and Midway island are retold through the points of view of both sides. When an audacious US air raid reaches Japan itself, Combined Fleet commander Isoroku Yamamoto orders seaborne invasions of Port Moresby in the southwestern Pacific and of Midway Island near Hawaii, invasions that Yamamoto hopes will smoke out the US Pacific Fleet for destruction before the full might of US war production can kick in. The Japanese are supremely confident of victory over the vastly outnumbered US fleet, but they are unaware that US Navy intelligence has cracked the Imperial Navy's codes, allowing the US to deploy aircraft carriers to maximum counteroffensive effect. The battle of midway is done with captions to identify historical characters. Historically accurate in its major points, a subplot of an American flyer who is engaged to a Hawiian girl of Japanese descent has been added. This is the battle in which the previously undefeated Japanese fleet was stopped in a battle during which all damage was done by aircraft. The opposing fleets never saw each other. There was one single splash of colour,one small sign that the cameraman was Harry Stradling,right early on in this movie,when the Japanese officer runs through the gardens of the house where the admiral is billeted.There is a bright red "Chinese" bridge nestling among the jungle greenery that creates a false dawn for what is essentially a rather flat movie in shades of brown .Made towards the end of a cycle of war films that featured characters that were still living,it is very respectful in tone,treading on no one's toes.The Japanese High Command have powdered hair and moustaches to add gravitas,the Americans apparently all knew each other,their Navy,presumably being much smaller. Judged purely on its merits as a movie "Midway"is nothing to shout about,much of whatever merit it has is due to the familiar faces doing their familiar things and trying to stay awake whilst doing them.I mean no disrespect to any person living or dead on either side who was involved in this Naval Action when I say that the movie failed to grip me.I don't know enough about the war in the Pacific to comment on its accuracy,but I know tired old footage when I see it,and clich辿d characters and situations when they are paraded across the screen. I wanted this to be much better than it was,but,I have to say,I feel it is not a worthy tribute to the brave sailors and airmen who took part in the battle.Mr Smight has succeeded in making all look rather matter - of - fact ,which,you can be sure,it definitely wasn't. This movie shows how it was like during the battle of Midway - The turning point in the Pacific during World war 2. We can notice scenes from the U.S. side and scenes from the Japanese side. We watch all the strategies before and during the battle. How to discover the enemy's fleet. The kind of equipment they use for fighting, how they defend the island on the land against the Japanese planes. We can watch the fighting in the air from right behind the pilots back. We see how they communicate between each other. They always inform about the amount of planes or ships, their position and their speed. We can notice the pressure the guys feel before their mission and than how they deal with all the spontaneous problems. We see the exuberance from the victory and the sadness from losses. It's all the battle fields brings: a lot of noise, pressure, pain and death. The hit Universal movie, Midway, opened in Chicago on Friday, June 18, 1976, in the Loop at the United Artists theatre, and four other area cinemas. An ad read: "In Sensurround--the sights, sounds and actual sensations of combat. So real you can feel it!" In Technicolor and Panavision, Rated PG



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